Mackerel Snapper is at Patheos!

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been blessed the opportunity to contribute my writing to the Patheos Catholic Channel! Check out the new blog here. Though I’ll be doing the brunt of my blogging over at Patheos, I’ll still post monthly updates here on the Mackerel Snapper website. I’ll also be posting links to my upcoming … [Read more…]

God is Not a Woman

And technically speaking, he’s not really a man either–at least not in the sense that we understand “man” and “woman”, because God isn’t..ya know..human. Regardless, God is the Father. So we refer to him in the masculine context, and that’s not an accident. Neither is an all male priesthood. Yet, as usual, us Catholics tend … [Read more…]

Whom Is it You Are Looking For?

Since the dawn of our existence, humankind has sought answers to life’s most difficult questions. “Why are we here?” “Why is there something instead of nothing?” “What purpose do we serve?” We pursue these answers, because from our very beginning, we realize that we are somehow incomplete. Be it a lack of knowledge, a lack … [Read more…]