1. We had our kids as they came, wound up with 5. The quantity was never an issue. And yes re blessings. In catechism class the kids learn how often Bible couples longed for children.

  2. Liz Aucoin

    I grew up as the seventh of fifteen children. One lived only for days, the rest of us are still here. My father was epileptic, medication mostly controlled his condition, but not completely. He was a father of five when he was fired for having a seizure at work. He ended up in business for himself, and he always seemed to me to be ahead of the crowd (he had a heat pump installed when they were first invented). He could build anything, fix anything, and the only time I saw him really scared was when he had two little children in hospital with TB. He had kidney stones, gallstones, trigeminal neuralgia (often called the suicide disease). He brought us to church and lived his faith. Not all of us are believers, although I was reassured to hear that one of my brothers who thinks he’s an atheist responded charitably to a difficult situation because he could “still hear dad telling him what he should do inside his head” and I laughed and cheered for all the grownups who hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and mistake it for Mom or Dad. My dad wanted only to see his kids well and independent and not to leave any debt behind. He gave away most of his possessions in the two years before he died. Sometimes, if it was something really good, you would say “Dad, are you sure you want to give this to me…and he would say, “well, there’s one condition, you’re not allowed to bring it back.” Anyway he died with money in the bank, even though he was generous. It is the fashion now to think that you need a safety net to have children, and that it’s foolish to bring them into a world of uncertainty, but security is an illusion and God is still in charge just like He always has been. Children are His best gift, and He will always answer your prayers (after He brings you to your knees), and whatever it looks like to the world, He knows what He’s doing.

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