God is Not a Woman

And technically speaking, he’s not really a man either–at least not in the sense that we understand “man” and “woman”, because God isn’t..ya know..human.

Regardless, God is the Father. So we refer to him in the masculine context, and that’s not an accident. Neither is an all male priesthood.

Yet, as usual, us Catholics tend to be at odds with most other Christian sects in this area. We’re told we aren’t “gender inclusive” enough, that our practices and rules are outdated. Never mind the fact that the Teaching of the Catholic Church is perhaps the most complete, in depth, mystical, scripturally-supported, philosophical theology that has or will ever exist. And never mind that most people who criticize us on these issues rarely take a chance to explore the faith and discover the true reason why the Church says and does what it says and does. That’s too much work for our modern culture.

Nothing about our Church is arbitrary. Everything has reason and purpose, and every belief has been structured meticulously through study, prayer, revelation, and actual conversation with Jesus Christ.

But don’t take my word for it.

Read this wonderful blog by Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble on the subject. She hits the nail on the head better than I ever could.

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