Whom Is it You Are Looking For?

Since the dawn of our existence, humankind has sought answers to life’s most difficult questions. “Why are we here?” “Why is there something instead of nothing?” “What purpose do we serve?” We pursue these answers, because from our very beginning, we realize that we are somehow incomplete. Be it a lack of knowledge, a lack … [Read more…]

Become Like Children

Since becoming mobile, my one-year-old son has developed a rather terrifying habit of climbing up and diving off anything he can get a leg up on. Of course, I’m always right there to catch him before he face-plants in to the carpet, in which he repays me with heart melting laughter and a goofy smile. … [Read more…]

Getting the Eucharist

A while back, I wrote a piece on the Sacrament of the Eucharist. What I’d like to do now is share with you a personal story about my first real “revelation” surrounding this beautiful and holy Sacrament.  It happened roughly six months after my conversion. I was sitting in Mass with my wife, trying to pay … [Read more…]

All Roads Really Do Lead to Rome

As you will read in this blog, my journey of faith has been a bumpy one.  Like many Christians I’ve felt displaced and detached, confused about my own beliefs and unsure where to find answers.  I realize, however, that all I have experienced spiritually throughout my life has served as a stepping stone to where … [Read more…]